Assignments are a way to set tasks to users across your school. You can add files or resources to the task or simply enter instructions in the assignment description. The recipient will receive an email with the instructions you write and also ways to respond to the assignment.

Assignments allow users to work with the files in their OneDrive for Business. They also provide a mechanism for the recipients of the assignment to select files they want to return to the teacher for feedback. This process is repeatable as many times as required, allowing you to teach over time.


Try setting assignments to other teachers when you’d like then to respond to you with files. This keeps your files automatically organized within your OneDrive and keeps all of your tasks in one place. E.g: if you are a head of department, set an assignment to your teachers to provide end of term reports. You can then collect all of these reports in a single action and provide feedback if you need to.

As required by a number of examining bodies, Anonymous Marking prevents a teacher or examiner from identifying students at the time of marking

Both Teachers and Administrators can access the Assignment Frequency report and see the number of assignments that have been set.

You may need to add new recipients to an assignment that is already in progress due to a student moving class or simply because there were missing from your original recipients list.

You can now add links to internet resources within assignments.

When you first go to the assignments page you will see the add new assignments button, filters on the left side and a list of your assignments on the right.

To add a new assignment, click on the “Add an assignment” button to load the assignment form. On the add a new assignment form you will see:
Title – This will become the name of the folder that is created on the recipient’s OneDrive.

At any point once the assignment has been sent, you can collect your students' responses.

When you have one or more Assessment for a student, (see how to Collect and Assess Assignments) you can open a student's assessment card by clicking to the right of their name. This will show you the assessment timeline where you can navigate through past assessments and see what was previously collected and the feedback you sent.

You can return an assignment at any point after the collection by clicking on the 'Return to student' button.

Provided you have Student Dashboard enabled, your students can ask you questions throughout the assignment.