Student Tasks

Student Dashboard allows students to view, manage and submit their assignments through a personalised portal.

In order to access Student Dashboard, your tenant administrator must upgrade Teacher Dashboard to TD Plus. More instructions can be found here.

The easiest way to get to a specific assignment within Student Dashboard is via the link that is on your assignment notification email. Alternatively, you can access the Assignment management page for Student Dashboard by clicking on, or creating a shortcut using this link:

The Resources displays the information that your teacher sent you for this assignment.

The My Work tab is your workspace for editing and adding any files that you will be working on.

The Work handed-in tab displays all files waiting to be reviewed by your teacher, all previous submission you have made and all feedback that your teacher has sent you for an assignment.

Keep your teacher up to date with your progress by changing the assignment status as needed.

When an assignment is set by a teacher, you will receive an email notification. If Student Dashboard is enabled you will see a link that will take you to your assignment page.

If you have Student Dashboard enabled, please view the Student Dashboard help articles on how to manage your assignments.

Timeline shows all the actions accrued with assignment. You can’t do anything about timeline, it just registers time and action and person who made an action.

Here you can ask questions about this specific assignment and see answers to all questions. While teacher will be able to see who asked the question and edit it or delete if needed, students will see only questions, the person asking it will remain anonymous to other students.