Your Dashboard is the easiest way to view your OneDrive files, share files with groups of students, preview your Students' work, and track their progress.

On the Dashboard from the left panel you can view the contents of your OneDrive where you can navigate through your folders and open files directly from the dashboard.

To share a document without including it as part of an assignment, find it through the My OneDrive panel and click 'share' next to the document you want to distribute.

Occasionally, there may be an issue when sharing a file with other users. If you think this might be the case, you can check for any issues by clicking on View Sharing History Button.

The OneDrive Preview allows teachers to browse through a student's OneDrive and download any files they may be working on. This allows them early visibility of a student's work in progress.

From the Dashboard, you can select a single student to see how they are doing across all of the assignments that you have set them.