You can use the filters on the left to search for specific users or groups of users.  The search results will be displayed in the table on the right.

When you edit a user, you will see a popup window which allows you to update their display name or allocate them roles within Teacher Dashboard.

Any users can be added to individual classes through the Classes attended tab. Teachers can be given classes and subjects to teach so that they can share files and assignments with other users through the Classes taught and Subjects tabs.

You can also hide a user from Teacher Dashboard if you do not want them to be available across classes or private groups by clicking on 'Hide' next to their name in the search results table.

As an Administrator, you can enable Teacher Dashboard to display your users' Office 365 profile photos from the School Settings page.

On the Site Information tab, under Profile photos, click on the checkbox: Show profile photos for all users assigned to classes.

If a student has never used their OneDrive then they won't be visible in the Teacher Dashboard dropdowns or search boxes. This is because Microsoft doesn't actually create (or "provision") their OneDrive until its user attempts to use it for the first time.

On the User management page, you can set a user to hidden if you do not want them to show up within the user lists when setting assignment, sharing files or creating groups or classes.

Click on the 'Hide' link under actions for that specific user.

Within Teacher Dashboard, you can add specific users as either Teachers, Administrators or Multischool Administrators.