Classes are groups of users that can be allocated to one teacher or more. When a teacher has been allocated to a class, they are able to share files and set assignments to that class as well as view the Assignment folder that Teacher Dashboard creates in each student's OneDrive.

As an administrator, you may set various Teacher Permissions enabling them to create and manage their own classes, or classes across the school.

You can use the instructions below to add and manage classes, or have a look at our import tools to bulk manage your classes.

Login as an Administrator and click on the Admin menu link and go to the Classes section.

Click on the Add new Class button and fill out the popup form.

Once your class is created, you will need to add one or more teachers to the class and add class members. To add a teacher to a class you must start to type the username of the teacher you want in the "Assign a teacher" to this class search box.

Any user can become a member of a class. In order to add them, you must start to type their username in the "Add a user to this class" search box. This will search all of the users across your school; students, teachers and administrators.

To remove a user from a group you just need to click on the delete icon to the right of their name under Current users.