Administrator Tasks

You may have some users within your Tenant that should never be shown within Teacher Dashboard.

By creating a Blacklist of users you are ensuring that they never be added to classes, or selected when sharing assignments or files with individuals.

You may want to set up a pilot within Teacher Dashboard in order to gradually roll it out within your school.

Create a Whitelist of users to ensure that these are the only users who show within Teacher Dashboard when setting up classes, or sharing assignments or files with individuals.

As an Administrator, you can enable Teacher Dashboard to display your users' Office 365 profile photos from the School Settings page.

On the Site Information tab, under Profile photos, click on the checkbox: Show profile photos for all users assigned to classes.

When importing your CSV file, you have various options to control what happens to your classes:

To sync the class data, log into Teacher Dashboard and goto 'Settings | Import tools'. Browse and select your import file, and then click 'Import classes' to import the file and automatically setup the classes.

The import process can create, remove and update classes in your Teacher Dashboard instance so should be used carefully.

Administrators can grant their teachers permission to create, join and manage their classes.

Notes here about setting status to inactive

If teachers have permission to join or manage their classes, there is a possibility that they could add a teacher, or an administrator to their class.  You will want to make sure that their OneDrives are not visible from the Dashboard.

The easiest way to protect all staff members' OneDrives from accidentally becoming visible is to ensure that anyone who is not a student has (at least) the role of 'Teacher'. You can do this on an individual user basis or in bulk.

Using Multischool, you can create new schools to separate your user base in seconds, e.g. TD Primary school, TD High School, TD College.

Multischool has introduced a new role of 'Multischool Admin' who is able to create new schools and manage their subscriptions and features

If you have decided to split your user base into separate schools within Teacher Dashboard, there is a good chance that you will already have a number of classes

You can add customised icons and colours to your subjects to make them more identifiable on assignment pages.

To get started, click on 'Sites' in your SharePoint environment.

Accessing Student Dashboard

Your students may access Student Dashboard by going directly to the URL:

You can now either add Teacher Dashboard to every user's waffle, across the whole tenant, or you can do it on a per user basis.

Administrators are able to set up unlimited marking formats for their teachers. These can either be numerical or a select list. By default, you will have a numerical option of 0 - 100 and a select box of Grades A-F.

Teacher Dashboard is an 'app' that is available from the SharePoint store. The SharePoint Store is a public marketplace that you can access directly from a SharePoint site where you can buy apps from third-party developers for personal or organisational use.

If you have been using TD Basic but would like to add great features like Student Dashboard, you will need to upgrade your subscription from within the Teacher Dashboard application.

As an admin of Teacher Dashboard, click on the Admin menu link and go to the subscription tab.

If a student has never used their OneDrive then they won't be visible in the Teacher Dashboard dropdowns or search boxes. This is because Microsoft doesn't actually create (or "provision") their OneDrive until its user attempts to use it for the first time.

On the User management page, you can set a user to hidden if you do not want them to show up within the user lists when setting assignment, sharing files or creating groups or classes.

Click on the 'Hide' link under actions for that specific user.

Login as an Administrator and click on the Admin menu link and go to the Classes section.

Click on the Add new Class button and fill out the popup form.

Once your class is created, you will need to add one or more teachers to the class and add class members. To add a teacher to a class you must start to type the username of the teacher you want in the "Assign a teacher" to this class search box.

Any user can become a member of a class. In order to add them, you must start to type their username in the "Add a user to this class" search box. This will search all of the users across your school; students, teachers and administrators.

To remove a user from a group you just need to click on the delete icon to the right of their name under Current users.

To add a new subject, login as an Administrator and go to the settings tab.

After installing the Teacher Dashboard on your site, you'll need to locate the app icon in order to copy the link URL that will be used to generate a shortcut. To do this, first click on 'Sites' in your SharePoint environment.

In order to take advantage of the latest free features, you will need to be using at least TD Basic v 2.0.

Within Teacher Dashboard, you can add specific users as either Teachers, Administrators or Multischool Administrators.