Release notes

26 Jul 2017 - BTEC Marking Formats - Beta Release

New BTEC tab on the Assignment Form

Only available for Colleges that have opted into the beta trial at first.

When you select BTEC as the marking format for a new assignment, you will see the 'BTEC' tab appear next to the assignment 'Details'.



Assessment Criteria Picker

Assessment Criteria Picker

On the BTEC tab, fill out the Qualification, Subject and Unit, and pick the assessment criteria that your students need to address for this assignment.


Clear Criteria Signposting

On the resources and feedback sections of Student Dashboard, your students can clearly see which assessment criteria are required and also which they have achieved from your feedback.

Student Dashboard Criteria Display

Assessment card with assessment criteria

Quick marking

Mark whether assessment criteria have been achieved or not from the assessment card. Subsequent collections keep the original feedback so you can easily track improvements.



Interested in taking part?

If you want to take part in the beta release, please email us on




04 Jul 2017 - Assignment Autosave, Edit Assignment Title and Create Assignment Workflow

Create a New Assignment Workflow

You'll notice, we now have a pop up window to enter your assignment title when you create a new assignment. This is the first step towards getting ready to offer different 'types' of assignment.

Coming soon

  • BTEC Assignments
  • Video Assignments
  • Quick quizzes

New assignment title

Assignment Autosave

Assignment Autosave

When you alter the details of a draft or sent assignment, your changes are now automatically saved, meaning you can be confident that any changes you make will not be lost.

As you make your edits, you will see the 'Send' button in the top left of your screen change to 'Saving'.


Edit Assignment Title

Whereas in the past, assignment titles were fixed in stone as soon as it was saved, you can now edit an assignment title at any time, even after you have provided feedback, to ensure it stays relevant to the work your students are completing.

Edit assignment title




22 May 2017 - New 'Verifier' Role and Edit sent assignments

Verifier Role

Do you have a quality assurance plan?

With the new Verifier role, a user within your school can be granted access to check samples of their colleagues assignments, marking and feedback. The Verifier role can be enabled by an administrator from the Users page.

  • View assignments sent by all teachers within your school
  • Track a student's learning over the lifetime of an assignment
  • Inspect teachers' feedback to their students
  • Export grades for a student or for all students on an assignment

Verifier Role

Edit a sent assignment

Edit a sent assignment

Do you need to extend a deadline or change your assignment instructions? Once an assignment has been set, you can check what was sent from the 'Details' tab. Now you can also edit:

  • the instructions
  • due date
  • due time
  • marking format

and sent a notification to your students when your update is complete.






02 May 2017 - Windows 10 Applications available

We are really proud to announce the release of our Windows 10 Teacher Dashboard and Student Dashboard applications.

Menu Tiles and Notifications

With the native applications, you get real-time notifications on the app tiles and notification popups when students receive new assignments and when teachers return feedback.

Start Menu App tiles

Windows 10 Store

Download for free

Available from the Windows 10 app store, you can install both Teacher Dashboard and Student Dashboard for free.

Automated roll out with Intune

Administrator can automate their App roll out with Intune for Education, letting them pick which computers within their schools should have each app so they are automatically installed.




22 Apr 2017 - Files 'Ready to collect' Notifications, Collect All, and Return & Next

We have focussed this release on improving the workflow for teachers collecting and returning assignments.

Ready to Collect

You no longer have to make a collection to see if your students have handed-in their work. For each student on an assignment, you will see an icon under 'Ready to collect' which shows the number of files that student has handed-in and is awaiting collection. Once the collection is complete, this number will return to zero until more work is submitted.

Ready to Collect Icons

Collect and Return All

Collect and Return All

Rather than having to select all students to collect their work, you can now click on Collect All at any point and pick whether to collect each student, or only the students who have handed in work (see additional features below).

Only Collect students with submissions

Now if you try to make a collection (either as an individual collection, or by clicking 'Collect All') when a student has yet to hand in any files, you will be alerted that this will create a blank collection and you can choose to skip over students with no files or continue with making the blank collection. This is useful if you need to keep a note that the student didn't complete their work on time.

This means that you can now just click on 'Collect All' whenever you want to check for new work and automatically skip students with no files submitted so you won't see the 'No files collected' error message any more.

Collect All Warning




20 Mar 2017 - Onboarding assistance

The release has been mostly about providing helpful tips and tools when first using Teacher Dashboard.

Quickly Create a Pilot Class

Follow this interactive demo to see how you can quickly create a class.

Set Up and Manage a Whitelist of Users

You can set up a Whilelist of users when you first sign up to Teacher Dashboard. Follow this interactive demo to see how you can add more users to your Whitelist, so that they will show up and be able to be added to classes or sent assignments.


Other improvements

Teachers will now be notified when they are added to Teacher Dashboard and will receive helpful tips to get up and running as quickly as possible.



08 Mar 2017 - Bulk Operations

We have been working hard to resolve a number of requests to make collecting and returning students' work quicker.

Return Selected

The option to bulk return assignments is back! Select the students you want to send your feedback to and click on the 'Return Selected' button at the top of the assignment page. This will send the feedback, grade and files that you have added back to your students.

Easier 'Collect Selected'

We've had a lot of requests to make it easier for teachers to bulk collect all students' work at once. This feature was already available, but it was being missed and so we have now moved the bulk operations out to two buttons at the top of the page.

Bulk Actions


Other improvements

We have also made a number of other little improvements to make your use of Teacher Dashboard better. These include changes to the way we translate the application, amendments to the select checkboxes and a number of changes to the way forms validate.



25 Feb 2017 - File size, Sync speed, Profile pictures

This release is focused on making a number of internal improvements.

Large file sharing

Improving the process of moving and copying files between teachers and students to allow for much larger file sizes to be distributed and submitted.

Azure AD and SDS group syncing

Enabling delta syncs so that they complete much more quickly when there have been changes in your groups and classes.

User Profile images

Fixing an issue where user profile images sometimes did not displaying on certain teacher and student dashboards. See Enable User Image Photos for instructions on how to enable this option.

Other improvements

  • Better translation mapping to improve accuracy
  • Fixed issue that caused long subject names to freeze
  • Fixed Q & A issue that could cause the page to timeout



11 Feb 2017 - Anonymous marking


Create assignments with anonymous recipients - interactive demo below

As required by a number of examining bodies, Anonymous Marking prevents a teacher or examiner from identifying students at the time of marking. Its purpose is to protect students and markers against the possibility of bias, whether conscious or subconscious. See how it works below.


Other improvements

Colour coded status

Updating the assignment status on Student Dashboard also changes the status colour to make it really easy to see how you are progressing with your work.

Plus loads more...

The start of the new year has seen us focusing on making loads of speed and stability improvements.



03 Dec 2016 - Learning over time


Assessment timeline

Keep track of every version of work a student has handed-in to you. Navigate through the timeline to see previous collections or feedback and track their progress.

Assignment timeline

Unlimited assessments

New assessment

Keep collecting your students' work by starting new assessments. All previous assessments will show up on your timeline whether or not you have decided to return them. Find out more about the changes to collecting assignments.

Progress bar

When you arrive at your new assessment page, you can immediately see what your students' progress is and know when there is something for you to collect with our new traffic light progress bar.

Progress Bar

Add files to your feedback

Add files to feedback

Do you have additional resources to send to your students? Now you can add files to an assessment before sending your feedback, so things like grading covering sheets don't have to added at the start of the assignment.

New Student Workflow

We have gone to great lengths to make Student Dashboard easy to use when handing-in work and receiving feedback multiple times on a single assignment. Students now have three sections to control their work: Resources, My Work and Work Handed-in.

SD new sections


SD resources section

Displays all instructions and resources that were sent as part of this assignment. Students can open these files to view them or copy these resources into their 'My Work' section when they start on their response.

My Work

Student's can open and edit files or add new files from their OneDrive, computer or add links to OneNote resources. Any files that are added can be handed-in to their teacher with a single click. They can hand-in as many times as they like before their teacher collects their work. Handing in multiple times before a teacher collects just overwrites the previous version.

My Work

Work Handed-in

Work Handed-in section

The Work Handed-in section will grow as work is collected and feedback returned. Student's can follow this on their Work Handed-in timeline as well as copy files returned back into their 'My Work' section to continue to improve their answers or work on a project.