Teacher Tasks - Classroom

When you add a student to your class for the first time, you can send them assignments but you will not be able to view their OneDrive and they will not be able to receive assignment resources until they grant you permission to do so.

You can add more students to your existing classes by clicking on the Classes menu item, select the class you want to manage and then clicking on 'add'.

When you have first installed Teacher Dashboard Classroom, we provide you with an example class called 'My First Class'. This will have you as the teacher and the only student.

You can pick which assignment action should generate an email notification to your students or their parents from the Notifications tab within the Settings page.

Subjects are managed on the Settings page, under the subject tab.

Click on the 'new' button, which will display the Add a new subject popup. Enter the name of your subject, pick an icon and colour and click on save.

You can set up unlimited marking formats for use within your assignments. These can either be numerical or a select list. By default, you will have a numerical option of 0 - 100 and a select box of Grades A-F.

Parents and guardians can be added to each student so that they can recieve notifications of new assignments and teacher feedback.