Setting a User's Role

Created: 06/26/2015

Within Teacher Dashboard, you can add specific users as either Teachers, Administrators or Multischool Administrators.

  • Teachers are able to set assignments, view student's OneDrives, share files and create groups.
  • Administrators are also able to add teachers, create classes, add marking formats and add subjects.
  • Multischool Admins can create new schools and manage everything across all schools within the same Teacher Dashboard instance.

To set a users role, go to the Users page when logged in as an Admin or Multischool Admin. You can use the filters or search to find the user you need and then click 'Manage' next to their name.

On the popup, click on the Advanced tab. Here you will be able to grant the roles: Teacher, Admin or Multischool Admin. Tick the relevant checkbox to assign the user one or more roles.