Provisioning your students' OneDrives

Created: 08/26/2015

If a student has never used their OneDrive then they won't be visible in the Teacher Dashboard dropdowns or search boxes. This is because Microsoft doesn't actually create (or "provision") their OneDrive until its user attempts to use it for the first time.

For a OneDrive to be provisioned (and therefore visible in Teacher Dashboard) a student/teacher must log in to their office365 account and click on the OneDrive link.

Lots of people have also asked us about "bulk" provisioning of OneDrives (e.g. for a new intake of students), and members of our community have suggested the following links*

If any of you have found other ways to bulk provision OneDrives, please share them with us and we will post here!

*Please note that instructions described in these articles are niether endorsed nor affiliated with Teacher Dashboard, and although we have received no adverse feedback (apart from the odd person not being able to follow them), they are provided as a courtesy only. i.e. use them at your own risk.