Set Teacher Permissions

Created: 03/11/2016

Administrators can grant their teachers permission to create, join and manage their classes.


Please carefully consider the implications of granting these permissions, as Teachers are able to view their class members' OneDrives if the members do not have the role of 'Teacher' or 'Admin'.
By default, the visibility is locked down to the Teacher Dashboard created folder, but you can ask for this limit to be removed. Please see the Bulk assign the role of teacher article to ensure that your users are protected.

Log into Teacher Dashboard as a school Administrator, go to the Settings page and click on the Permissions tab. From here you can enable various permissions by checking the check box and clicking on 'Save'.

Teacher Permissions

Create class

Giving teachers the ability to add new classes, where they will be allocated the teacher role automatically. They will not be able to populate the class with students without at least one of the below options. On the classes page, they will see 'View' next to all classes.

Join a class

Teachers can add or remove themselves from any class in their school. This is particularly useful if a teacher needs to add themselves temporarily to a class. On the classes page, they will see a 'Join" or 'Leave" link depending on whether they are already a teacher of the class.

Manage own class

Teachers can add and remove students and teachers from a class of which they are already a teacher.


Please use with care! Giving a teacher both 'Join a class' and 'Manage own class' permissions effectively give them the ability to manage every class in the school.