Installing the Teacher Dashboard App

Created: 08/27/2015

Adding the Teacher Dashboard app to your site from the SharePoint store

Teacher Dashboard is an 'app' that is available from the SharePoint store. The SharePoint Store is a public marketplace that you can access directly from a SharePoint site where you can buy apps from third-party developers for personal or organisational use.

To add the Teacher Dashboard app to your site, you must have at least Full Control permissions for that site. If you are a Site Owner, you already have this permission.

SharePoint Store
  1. On the site where you want to add the Teacher Dashboard app, go to Settings Settings button > Add an app.
  2. On the Your Apps page, click SharePoint Store in the left-hand navigation.
  3. Type 'Teacher Dashboard' into the search box and click [Enter]
  4. Click the app you want to add.
  5. The Teacher Dashboard app needs to be granted permissions to access your site. When you are asked whether you want to trust the app, review the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Statement from the app developer, and then click Trust It.
  6. The Teacher Dashboard app will now appear on the Site Contents page. You can access the Teacher Dashboard by clicking it on the Site Contents Page.
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