Creating a waffle shortcut for Student Dashboard

Created: 09/23/2015

Accessing Student Dashboard

Your students may access Student Dashboard by going directly to the URL:

Setting up a Waffle App

If you want to set up a link from within your waffle menu you need to be logged in as the tenant administrator, click on the waffle in the top left corner and the go to the Admin menu.
admin menu

Select 'COMPANY PROFILE' from the left menu and then select Custom tiles.

From here you can click on the + icon and fill out the popup form with the below recommended details:

  • Tile name: Student Dashboard
  • URL:
  • Description: Student Dashboard [or what ever description you want to add]
  • Image URL: Add your own logo so that your students know they are accessing Student Dashboard or enter to add the Student Dashboard logo.
Click 'Submit'.

Finally, click on the waffle again and go to My apps. Locate the Student Dashboard tile. Click on the ellipses and Pin the tile to your app launcher.
pin to app launcher
The application will now display on every user's Waffle menu.