Creating a Teacher Dashboard shortcut on your SharePoint site

Created: 07/07/2015


Step 1: locate the Teacher Dashboard app, and copy the link location to your clipboard

After installing the Teacher Dashboard on your site, you'll need to locate the app icon in order to copy the link URL that will be used to generate a shortcut. To do this, first click on 'Sites' in your SharePoint environment.

From here, click on the 'Team site' icon. As the app was installed in the 'site content' area for this example, we will click on 'Site content' link in the bottom left. However, the actual location of the app will vary depending on where it was installed on your site.

Once you've located the Teacher Dashboard app, right click on the app, and select 'Copy Shortcut' (on Windows) or 'Copy link location' (on Mac). This will copy the URL of the app into your clipboard.

Step 2: create a shortcut on your Sites page

Return to the sites page, and click on the 'Manage' link in the top left.

Click on 'Add a promoted site' to open the shortcut modal. Give the shortcut a title (e.g 'Teacher Dashboard'), and then paste the URL in your clipboard into the 'Link Location' field.

The 'Description' and 'Background Image Location' fields are optional, so you don't need to fill them out. However, if you want your new shortcut to display with the Teacher Dashboard logo, paste the following URL into the 'Background Image Location' field:

If you have already created a shortcut, and wish to use it to start the Teacher Dashboard app, click on the existing shortcut icon to open the shortcut modal, and change the Link details as per the step above.

Step 3: that's it! You're done

That's all there is to it. When you return to the Sites page, you'll see you new shortcut ready for use.

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