Manage marking formats

Created: 03/02/2018

You can set up unlimited marking formats for use within your assignments. These can either be numerical or a select list. By default, you will have a numerical option of 0 - 100 and a select box of Grades A-F.

To create a new Marking Format, go to the Settings page and click on the Marking Formats tab in the left column. Click on the 'New' button.

Enter the title of your marking format and select whether you wa.nt it to be a numerical range, or a Select Box.

To add a list of options, pick Select box. You will then need to add a unique option ID, and the display value for each item on the list. e.g:

  • Option ID: 1, Display value: Distinction
  • Option ID: 2, Display value: Merit
  • Option ID: 3, Display value: Pass
  • Option ID: 4, Display value: Fail