Assigning classes to a school

Created: 03/02/2016


Assigning existing classes to a school

If you have decided to split your user base into separate schools within Teacher Dashboard, there is a good chance that you will already have a number of classes (from an import/AAD sync or that belong to a previously created school) that you want to move to the new school rather than just creating new classes.


As a Multischool Admin, enter 'Multischool manager' mode and go to the classes page. This will list all of the classes that exist within Teacher Dashboard and also the school to which they are assigned.

MS classes manager


Select all of the classes you wish to move to the new school.

bulk select classes


Click on the 'Select a bulk action' drop down list and select 'Assign to a school'.

bulk assign to new school


Select the new school for these classes and click on Assign.

bulk assign school picker


Note: please read the information on this popup window before electing to assign these classes to the new school. Classes can only belong to one school at a time, meaning that, if it already has a school, this action will remove it from that school.

When the class is moved, Teacher Dashboard will check to see if the students still belong to any other classes or groups within the original school. If they do not, then the user will be removed from the original school and will no longer show up in the Users select boxes for classes, groups, quick shares or assignments.

To avoid this from happening, make sure you check this checkbox to keep them in the original school


bulk assign school checkbox