Adding a new school

Created: 03/04/2016



As a Multischool Admin, log into Teacher Dashboard and click on Multischool Manager. This will take you take you out of the individual school mode so that you can make changes across your entire installation.

Multischool manager


On the Schools page, click on the new button. Enter a new school name and a description to help you identify the school later. Click on Save and next.

Add new school form


You can alter the default language, timezone and Teacher Dashboard root folder for this new school. After clicking on save, you can start to set up classes and groups.

Add new school form two


Once you have created your new schools, you will need to assign users to them so that they are available for teachers and classes. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Bulk assign existing classes to a school
  • Bulk assign groups to a school
  • Set up automatic syncing with AAD
  • Import a CSV into the school
  • Map your users via your domain