CSV class import file

Created: 03/21/2016

To sync the class data, log into Teacher Dashboard and goto 'Settings | Import tools'. Browse and select your import file, and then click 'Import classes' to import the file and automatically setup the classes. You can download an import template here.

What file format is required?

Your import file needs to be in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. The first row of the file should contain the column headings, and the subsequent rows should contain data for each class. The column headings are as follows guid,name,description,students,teachers

The heading definitions are as follows:

  • guid: a unique class ID. This could be a class ID generated by your SMS, the group ID in Active Directory, or an ID determined by you
  • name: a class name
  • description: a class description
  • students: a semi-colon separated list of student email addresses, which represents all the students in the class
  • teachers: a semi-colon separated list of teacher email addresses, which represents all the teachers in the class

Click here to download a sample CSV file that you can modify and/or use as a base for creating your own one.

Can you help me create an import file?

You'll need someone on your side (usually your IT administrator) to help you get the raw class data out of your School Management System (SMS), but once this is available we can help you get it into the right format needed for import. You'll need to download our excel macro, which will automatically format your raw data any format. The macro also has specific options for converting SIMSand SKyward data, and will be introducing support for other SMS systems in the future

Click here to download the import file creation macro (version 1.22).