Working on your assignment

Created: 03/05/2018

If you are sent any resources that you should work on as part of the assignment e.g. a worksheet, click on 'Copy to my Work' next to the file on the Resources tab. This will create a new working copy of the file within your OneDrive so that you can always start again if needed.

The My Work tab is your workspace for editing and adding any files that you will be working on for this assignment.

Clicking on an Office 365 file will open it within your browser where you can edit the contents. Any changes will be saved automatically. You can also add files from your OneDrive, computer or add links to OneNote pages as needed.

When you have completed your work, click on 'Hand-in' and change the status to 'Complete' so that your teacher knows you have work ready for them to review. You can hand-in files as many times as you like. If a file with the same name has already been handed-in and is not being reviewed by your teacher, you will need to overwrite the existing handed-in file.