Viewing your assignment

Created: 03/05/2018

When your teacher has sent you an assignment, you should receive an email notification with a link that takes you to Student Dashboard.

Provided that you have granted your teacher permissions, when you first access an assignment, you will be taken to the Resources tab and you will see that the assignment resources are downloaded. The Resources tab displays the information that your teacher sent you for this assignment.

You can see the Due date and time, the subject, teacher who has given you the assignment and details of the instructions and any resources included in the assignment.

Resources can be opened directly from this page, however if you want to change them, click on the "Copy to 'My Work'" button. This will create a new copy for you in the 'My Work' tab, enabling you to revert to the original file if needed.

In order to start again, click on "Copy to 'My Work'" and click Yes when asked if you want to overwrite the existing file. Note: Any changes you have made to the existing file in the 'My Work' section with be lost. You cannot undo this action.