Collecting/ Assessing assignments

Created: 07/15/2015

At any point once the assignment has been sent, you can collect your students' responses.

NOTE: Depending on your subscription, your students will need to either copy the files they want to submit into the 'Completed' folder for that assignment on their OneDrive or they can Hand-in their work via Student Dashboard.

Find the assignment you want to collect on the Assignments page and click on the tile (or 'manage' if you are using the list view) to view the assessment tab for that assignment.

Collecting an Individual's assignment

On the Assessment page, you can see a list of all of your students who have received your assignment. If you have never collected a student's work, you will see an 'Collect' button. Click on this to collect your students work and provide feedback.

If you have already started an assessment for a student, this button will disappear and you will need to open their assessment card to view their work. To do this, click on the row to the right of the student's name and their latest assessment will display. To recollect their work, click on 'Collect again' at the top right of the student's assessment card.

When the collection has finished, you will see a timeline of the previous collections where you can add a grade, comment, view their handed-in files or add your own files. If these files are in a format that can be opened in Office 365, you can click on them and amend them within your browser which will automatically save them to be returned to your student.

Bulk collecting assignments

In order to collect more than one students' work at the same time, click on the circle next to the student's name to select them. This will then make the bulk actions menu available.

Click on 'Collect selected' to perform a new collection for all selected students.