Adding links within assignments

Created: 03/03/2016


Add links within an assignment

When you are setting up an assignment, you will now see some formatting options within the instructions textarea.

Instructions WYSIWYG


There are two ways to create links which will be clickable for students in their assignment email notification and within Student Dashboard:


1) Type in the link manually. As long you use the standard website address form of starting with "http://", and/or "www." the text will be converted into a link when you start the next work or a new line. The text turns blue and is underlined when it is successfully converted.

Examples of typing URLS


2) Using the 'Insert link' buttonLink Button. Clicking on this will give you the options of inserting a full web address into the URL field and entering an optional and more understandable description which will be displayed as the text for the link.

Entering URL and description


TIP: Adding more than one link at a time

If you copy and paste more than one link into the instructions at the same time, they will not automatically be formatted into a clickable link for your students.

Formatting more than one link


To fix this, you must move your cursor to the end of each address and press the space or enter key. The link will now be created and the wording will turn blue.

Formatted link