Add users to sent assignments

Created: 05/24/2016



1) Search for a user. Go to the assignments page and click on the Tile, or click on 'Manage' to open the assessment tab for the relevant assignment. From here you will see a list of the users who have received the assignment as well as a search box to enter the name of the user you want to add to the assignment. Start to enter their name and Teacher Dashboard will search through the users that exist in your school.

Add a user to a sent assignment search field



2) Select your user to add. From the list of users that is displayed when you search, click on the user that you want to add. Their name will be added to the list of recipients however the assignment has not been sent yet, as you can see from the assignment 'Status'. If you add someone by accident, you can still remove them from the list by clicking on 'Remove'. You can add as many users as you need to at this stage.

Adding multiple students to a sent assignment



3) Send the assignment. When you are happy with the users that you have added, you will need to send the assignment and its corresponding resources to these users. Click on 'Send' next to each new user. You will see the status update to 'Sending'. This will generate the notification email to the recipients and copy your assignment files into their OneDrive.  Once the sending is complete, the recipients can work on their assignment as normal.


Sending assignment