Submitting an assignment

Created: 08/18/2015

If you have Student Dashboard enabled, please view the Student Dashboard help articles on how to manage your assignments.

When an assignment is sent to you, a new folder is created on your OneDrive under the subject name of the assignment and the assignment title, e.g. Biology - Chelsea Rutherford > Photosynthesis. Within this folder, we create a 'Completed' folder.

If you do not have Student Dashboard enabled, any files that you wish to be collected by your teacher should be copied to this folder. It is important to copy your files into this folder as they will be moved onto your teacher's OneDrive when they are collected. Copying the files will allow you to continue working while the files are under review.

If your teacher tries to collect your work when the completed folder is empty, they will be alerted that there was nothing to collect.