Release notes

24 Mar 2016 - Self-service, User Profile Pictures and Improved Class Import

As part of our continued effort to make the management of Teacher Dashboard easier, we have added the ability for Administrators to grant Teachers permission to manage their own classes as well as a number of other improvements:

Allow teachers to create, join and manage their classes

One of the most requested features has been the ability for Administrators to give Teachers the rights to create, join and manage their own classes. Due to the security implications, we recommend you read the Teacher Permissions support documentation and the Bulk assign the role of teacher article to ensure that your users are protected before you apply any of these permissions.

Teacher Permissions

General TD and SD design improvements

Student dashboard tile view

Your feedback from the 'Tile view' on Teacher Dashboard assignments was so positive that we have now added it to Student Dashboard as well. It looks great on smartphones and tablets! We've also made various improvements to the other pages to make them quicker and easier to use.

Profile images

Profile pictures are now pulled through from Office 365 into Teacher Dashboard, making it quicker for teachers to identify their students' work.

Student profile images

Improved CSV import options

Now you can decide what you want to happen when you import a new CSV file. By default, the CSV will keep all existing classes and only add or update ones that are in the import file. You can also choose specific information to ignore, or remove all previously imported classes and import a start again. Read our import tools support documentation for more information.

Rich text on Q & A for both teachers and students

After adding rich text to your assignment instructions in the previous release, students and teachers can now ask and response to questions with rich text too.

Localisation improvements

Teacher Dashboard is now available in Norwegian. If your language is not supported yet, please get in touch with us on to request that it is added.



28 Feb 2016 - Assignment collaboration, instruction links, design improvements and general enhancements

Assignment instructions can now contain links. This means that you can add online resources to an assignment, either by typing in the URL, or by clicking on the link icon and entering the URL and the text to be displayed.
instruction WYSIWYG
instruction links
This opens up the ability to add collaborative documents like Word, Excel or Powerpoint, or adding Class Notebooks to your assignments.

In order to make Teacher Dashboard more engaging, we are releasing the first of a number of user experience improvements. You can now view your assignments in a tile view, with customised icons and colours for each subject for easy identification.
Assignment tile view