Release notes

22 Apr 2017 - Files 'Ready to collect' Notifications, Collect All, and Return & Next

We have focussed this release on improving the workflow for teachers collecting and returning assignments.

Ready to Collect

You no longer have to make a collection to see if your students have handed-in their work. For each student on an assignment, you will see an icon under 'Ready to collect' which shows the number of files that student has handed-in and is awaiting collection. Once the collection is complete, this number will return to zero until more work is submitted.

Ready to Collect Icons

Collect and Return All

Collect and Return All

Rather than having to select all students to collect their work, you can now click on Collect All at any point and pick whether to collect each student, or only the students who have handed in work (see additional features below).

Only Collect students with submissions

Now if you try to make a collection (either as an individual collection, or by clicking 'Collect All') when a student has yet to hand in any files, you will be alerted that this will create a blank collection and you can choose to skip over students with no files or continue with making the blank collection. This is useful if you need to keep a note that the student didn't complete their work on time.

This means that you can now just click on 'Collect All' whenever you want to check for new work and automatically skip students with no files submitted so you won't see the 'No files collected' error message any more.

Collect All Warning




20 Mar 2017 - Onboarding assistance

The release has been mostly about providing helpful tips and tools when first using Teacher Dashboard.

Quickly Create a Pilot Class

Follow this interactive demo to see how you can quickly create a class.

Set Up and Manage a Whitelist of Users

You can set up a Whilelist of users when you first sign up to Teacher Dashboard. Follow this interactive demo to see how you can add more users to your Whitelist, so that they will show up and be able to be added to classes or sent assignments.


Other improvements

Teachers will now be notified when they are added to Teacher Dashboard and will receive helpful tips to get up and running as quickly as possible.



08 Mar 2017 - Bulk Operations

We have been working hard to resolve a number of requests to make collecting and returning students' work quicker.

Return Selected

The option to bulk return assignments is back! Select the students you want to send your feedback to and click on the 'Return Selected' button at the top of the assignment page. This will send the feedback, grade and files that you have added back to your students.

Easier 'Collect Selected'

We've had a lot of requests to make it easier for teachers to bulk collect all students' work at once. This feature was already available, but it was being missed and so we have now moved the bulk operations out to two buttons at the top of the page.

Bulk Actions


Other improvements

We have also made a number of other little improvements to make your use of Teacher Dashboard better. These include changes to the way we translate the application, amendments to the select checkboxes and a number of changes to the way forms validate.



25 Feb 2017 - File size, Sync speed, Profile pictures

This release is focused on making a number of internal improvements.

Large file sharing

Improving the process of moving and copying files between teachers and students to allow for much larger file sizes to be distributed and submitted.

Azure AD and SDS group syncing

Enabling delta syncs so that they complete much more quickly when there have been changes in your groups and classes.

User Profile images

Fixing an issue where user profile images sometimes did not displaying on certain teacher and student dashboards. See Enable User Image Photos for instructions on how to enable this option.

Other improvements

  • Better translation mapping to improve accuracy
  • Fixed issue that caused long subject names to freeze
  • Fixed Q & A issue that could cause the page to timeout



11 Feb 2017 - Anonymous marking


Create assignments with anonymous recipients - interactive demo below

As required by a number of examining bodies, Anonymous Marking prevents a teacher or examiner from identifying students at the time of marking. Its purpose is to protect students and markers against the possibility of bias, whether conscious or subconscious. See how it works below.


Other improvements

Colour coded status

Updating the assignment status on Student Dashboard also changes the status colour to make it really easy to see how you are progressing with your work.

Plus loads more...

The start of the new year has seen us focusing on making loads of speed and stability improvements.



03 Dec 2016 - Learning over time


Assessment timeline

Keep track of every version of work a student has handed-in to you. Navigate through the timeline to see previous collections or feedback and track their progress.

Assignment timeline

Unlimited assessments

New assessment

Keep collecting your students' work by starting new assessments. All previous assessments will show up on your timeline whether or not you have decided to return them. Find out more about the changes to collecting assignments.

Progress bar

When you arrive at your new assessment page, you can immediately see what your students' progress is and know when there is something for you to collect with our new traffic light progress bar.

Progress Bar

Add files to your feedback

Add files to feedback

Do you have additional resources to send to your students? Now you can add files to an assessment before sending your feedback, so things like grading covering sheets don't have to added at the start of the assignment.

New Student Workflow

We have gone to great lengths to make Student Dashboard easy to use when handing-in work and receiving feedback multiple times on a single assignment. Students now have three sections to control their work: Resources, My Work and Work Handed-in.

SD new sections


SD resources section

Displays all instructions and resources that were sent as part of this assignment. Students can open these files to view them or copy these resources into their 'My Work' section when they start on their response.

My Work

Student's can open and edit files or add new files from their OneDrive, computer or add links to OneNote resources. Any files that are added can be handed-in to their teacher with a single click. They can hand-in as many times as they like before their teacher collects their work. Handing in multiple times before a teacher collects just overwrites the previous version.

My Work

Work Handed-in

Work Handed-in section

The Work Handed-in section will grow as work is collected and feedback returned. Student's can follow this on their Work Handed-in timeline as well as copy files returned back into their 'My Work' section to continue to improve their answers or work on a project.



19 Jul 2016 - Reporting, Whitelists, Blacklists, Custom Menu Items and User Photos

As requested by you, we have released our first of many planned reporting tools as well as giving TD Admins even more control over their users during setup.

Assignment Frequency Report

Keep track of how many assignments your colleagues are setting using Teacher Dashboard with the Assignment Frequency reporting tool.

Assignment Frequency

Whitelists and Blacklists


Quickly set up a pilot class to test Teacher Dashboard by add their Office 365 email address to the Whitelist. These Whitelisted users will be the only ones to show up within Teacher Dashboard ensuring that you are only sending assignments and files to the people within your pilot group.

Ensure non teaching users in your school are never shown on Teacher Dashboard by adding their email address to the Blacklist.

Custom Menus

You can customise your Dashboard further by adding your own menu links within the black ribbon or editing the existing links.

Custom Menu

User Photos

User Photos

Schools can now opt-in or opt-out of displaying users' Office 365 profile images within Teacher Dashboard. Images are displayed on the dashboard and within Student Dashboard.

User interface improvements

We have made a number of little user inteface improvements across the entire application to speed up your use of Teacher Dashboard and Student Dashboard.

Speed improvements

Huge improvements have been made to the speed of our Users page. Even if you have a couple of hundred thousand users within Office 365, Teacher Dashboard is now lightening fast at displaying them and filtering them.



19 Jun 2016 - Parent Notifications and Adding Students to sent assignments

In January at BETT, we told you that it wouldn't be long before parents will be included within Teacher Dashboard and that assignments would become more flexible. Checkout our latest features below:

Parent Notifications

The first step towards including parents in their child's education is keeping them informed. With Parent Notifications, each teacher can choose to notifiy their learner's parents when they send assignments and return feedback.

Best of all, Parent Notifications are available to all customers, regardless of the package your school is using.

Parent Notification

Add students to sent assignments

Add student to assignment

When new students join your class or you simply forget to add them all to an assignment, you can now add them to your existing assignments at any time. Have a look at our Add students to sent assignmnets support documentation for more information.

Assignment progress checker

Students can now let there teachers know how they are progressing with their assignmnets. When they start working on their assignment, they can quickly select 'In Progress' from their Status checker. This status displays on the collection tab within the assignment on Teacher Dashboard. When the student has finished their work simply change the status to 'Complete' so their teacher knows they can collect the work and start to provide feedback.

Assignment Progress

Parent Manager

Parent Manager

Administrators retain global control over the ability to add parent names to users and send assignment notifications to parents.

User interface improvements

We have made a number of little user inteface improvements across the entire application to speed up your use of Teacher Dashboard and Student Dashboard.

Speed improvements

Huge improvements have been made to the speed of our Users page. Even if you have a couple of hundred thousand users within Office 365, Teacher Dashboard is now lightening fast at displaying them and filtering them.



24 Mar 2016 - Self-service, User Profile Pictures and Improved Class Import

As part of our continued effort to make the management of Teacher Dashboard easier, we have added the ability for Administrators to grant Teachers permission to manage their own classes as well as a number of other improvements:

Allow teachers to create, join and manage their classes

One of the most requested features has been the ability for Administrators to give Teachers the rights to create, join and manage their own classes. Due to the security implications, we recommend you read the Teacher Permissions support documentation and the Bulk assign the role of teacher article to ensure that your users are protected before you apply any of these permissions.

Teacher Permissions

General TD and SD design improvements

Student dashboard tile view

Your feedback from the 'Tile view' on Teacher Dashboard assignments was so positive that we have now added it to Student Dashboard as well. It looks great on smartphones and tablets! We've also made various improvements to the other pages to make them quicker and easier to use.

Profile images

Profile pictures are now pulled through from Office 365 into Teacher Dashboard, making it quicker for teachers to identify their students' work.

Student profile images

Improved CSV import options

Now you can decide what you want to happen when you import a new CSV file. By default, the CSV will keep all existing classes and only add or update ones that are in the import file. You can also choose specific information to ignore, or remove all previously imported classes and import a start again. Read our import tools support documentation for more information.

Rich text on Q & A for both teachers and students

After adding rich text to your assignment instructions in the previous release, students and teachers can now ask and response to questions with rich text too.

Localisation improvements

Teacher Dashboard is now available in Norwegian. If your language is not supported yet, please get in touch with us on to request that it is added.



28 Feb 2016 - Assignment collaboration, instruction links, design improvements and general enhancements

Assignment instructions can now contain links. This means that you can add online resources to an assignment, either by typing in the URL, or by clicking on the link icon and entering the URL and the text to be displayed.
instruction WYSIWYG
instruction links
This opens up the ability to add collaborative documents like Word, Excel or Powerpoint, or adding Class Notebooks to your assignments.

In order to make Teacher Dashboard more engaging, we are releasing the first of a number of user experience improvements. You can now view your assignments in a tile view, with customised icons and colours for each subject for easy identification.
Assignment tile view