Missing users on User Management page

Created: 07/07/2015

If a student hasn't ever used their OneDrive then they won't be visible in the Teacher Dashboard dropdowns or search boxes. This is because Microsoft doesn't actually create (or "provision") their OneDrive until its user attempts to use it for the first time.

But what if your Site Administrator wants to set up classes in Teacher Dashboard for a new intake of students that will never have used their Office365 accounts or OneDrive?

There are lots of suggestions on the internet for programmatically solving this issue but most of them require programming skills. Fortunately though we've a found an easy to install (and use) GUI based tool which allows Office 365 Site Administrators to bulk provision their students' OneDrives.

Scroll to the bottom of this article and click on the "Download here" link*.

*Please note that this tool is in no way affiliated with Teacher Dashboard, so although we have received reports that it can be very useful, we accept no responsibilty for its use nor are we able to support you should you come across any issues using it.